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All sound samples are in .mp3 format

Before Their Time, Volume I

The Water Lily - Priscilla Herdman mp3 sample
Ashokan Farewell - Jay Ungar & Molly Masonmp3 sample
No Time To Say Goodbye - Tom Paxton  mp3 sample
Unité - Christina Tourin   mp3 sample
No Man’s Land - Eric Bogle   mp3 sample
Patchwork Quilt - Sweet Honey in the Rock
Breck’s Song - Sydney Long & Liz Kalter-Long   mp3 sample
Angle of the Light - Anne Hills   mp3 sample
Turning Toward the Morning - Gordon Bok, Anne Mayo Muir, Ed Trickett
Jane’s Whistle - Anne Dodson   mp3 sample
Time To Learn - Tim O’Brien   mp3 sample
Language of the Heart - Jim Stewart & Bernie Houlahan  mp3 sample
For JL - Russ Barenberg  mp3 sample
Lux Aeterna - The Cambridge Singers, John Rutter conducting



Before Their Time, Volume II

Sand and Water - Beth Nielsen Chapman  mp3 sample
Stillness of the Night - Anke Summerhill  mp3 sample
Didn’t You Think Anybody Loved You? - Karen Nash  mp3 sample
’Til I See You Again - Jim Wilson  mp3 sample
One Less Weary Witness - Don Bray  mp3 sample
Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth - Cindy Bullens  mp3 sample
In the Middle - Rachel Bissex   mp3 sample
O’Connell’s Lamentation - Jacqueline Schwab  mp3 sample
Who Will Sing Me Lullabies? - Kate Rusby mp3 sample
29 - Slaid Cleaves  mp3 sample
Conversation with a Ghost - Ellis Paul  mp3 sample
Lament for Elizabeth Anne Forbes - Sarah Bauhan  mp3 sample
Epitaph - Malcolm Dalglish & the Ooolites  mp3 sample
Down to a River (Alan’s Song) - Connie Kaldor  mp3 sample
An Air for Mary Tipton - Connie Dover  mp3 sample
Last of the Widows - Jez Lowe  mp3 sample
Over the Rainbow - Eva Cassidy  mp3 sample



Volume III contains 4 CDs -

CD #1, “It’s A Slow Burn”:

Slow Burn - Robin Greenstein mp3 sample
More Time - Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito  mp3 sample
Dancing Over Me - Kate Callahan  mp3 sample
I Will Fly - Kate Taylor  mp3 sample
Rain and Sunshine - Sam Shaber  mp3 sample
Distant Shorelines - Rain Dance  mp3 sample
You’re Gone - Jon Vezner  mp3 sample
If It Were Up to Me - Cheryl Wheeler  mp3 sample
Closer to Truth - David Mallett  mp3 sample
Silvery Moon - Aoife Clancy  mp3 sample
Niel Gow's Lament - Alasdair Fraser  mp3 sample
Wish I Had a Penny - Ben Sands  mp3 sample

CD #2, “They’re Just Gone”:

1000 Candles, 1000 Cranes - Small Potatoes  mp3 sample
She’s Just Gone - Greg Greenway  mp3 sample
Ashes in the Wind - Kathy Mattea  mp3 sample
Tuesday - Amy Fairchild  mp3 sample
Hymn: Page 9/11 - Peter Ostroushko  mp3 sample
Rosemary’s Sister - Connie Dover  mp3 sample
Four Green Fields - Tommy Makem  mp3 sample
In the Quiet Morning - Joan Baez  mp3 sample
Catherine and Georgia - David Roth  mp3 sample
Bryant Street - Darryl Purpose  mp3 sample
Omaha - Marie-Lynn Hammond  mp3 sample
Big Girl Now - Bill Isles  mp3 sample
George and His 88 Keys - Cosy Sheridan  mp3 sample

CD #3, “Inhale, Exhale; There I Am”:

What Is - Johnsmith   mp3 sample
Go East - Nadine Laughlin   mp3 sample
Peace of Wild Things - Paul Reisler   mp3 sample
Sing Me to Sleep - Deidre McCalla   mp3 sample
Snow on the Water - Joel Mabus   mp3 sample
Inhale - Kerry Getz   mp3 sample
So Many Angels (9/11) - Jack Kid   mp3 sample
What Is White? - UVMC Youth Chorus   mp3 sample
One Small Star - Eric Bogle   mp3 sample
Save for the Moon - T.S. Baker   mp3 sample
The Quiet Room - Jay Ungar & Molly Mason   mp3 sample
Some Boats - Anne Hills   mp3 sample

CD #4, “We Celebrate You”:

Bright Day - Terri Allard   mp3 sample
The Gathering of Spirits - Carrie Newcomer   mp3 sample
Basket of Roses - Heather McLeod   mp3 sample
Singing in the Meadow - Carrie Hamby   mp3 sample
Doubter’s Prayer - Michael Jerling   mp3 sample
I Saw You There - Still On The Hill   mp3 sample
Old Friends - Mary McCaslin   mp3 sample
When I Go - Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer   mp3 sample
Wild Geese - Dana Cunningham   mp3 sample
Gather Up the Lilies - Russell Walden   mp3 sample
Ready To Fly - Calaveras   mp3 sample
Mimi’s Path - Mark Spoelstra   mp3 sample
Onawa's Waltz - UVMC Youth Chorus   mp3 sample
The Art of Being Kind - Kristina Olsen Tynes   mp3 sample



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