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Before Their Time has and continues to help me live through the pain and sadness of my husband's death. At first I thought it was morbid to want to listen to these songs over and over, but now I realize how much I needed to hear them.
- Nicole Peltz

When I read the article about your wonderful CD, I knew I had to order it for my best friend. She just lost her youngest child to an overdose and her heart is broken. There is no greater loss than to lose a child. She doesn't read much and I've been looking for something that might ease her pain, even if it's only minutely. Thank you.
- Ruthie Poole

“Your CD was a huge hit,” a friend's mom wrote back. I hoped the CD would be OK for them as their daughter, my friend, had died. The mom said she was starting to wear the CD out. She was very appreciative of the music.
- Bill S.

Before Their Time was an enormous help to me in putting together the most difficult program I've ever aired (September 2001).
- John Wright, Evanston IL radio programmer

In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, I found deeper shades of meaning -- and of comfort -- in the Before Their Time collection. The album is moving in ways I never expected.
- Larry McClemons, Washington, DC

Many at Peter’s Place have had the opportunity to listen to Before Their Time and, to a person, love it! We have decided to make it available to our grieving families who enroll and participate in the center's support groups, so I'd like to purchase 50 CDs on behalf of Peter’s Place. I appreciate very much your willingness to share this treasure.
- Jim Buck, Board Member, Peter’s Place,
A Center for Grieving Children and Their Families

We treasure this CD!
- B.K. and B.K.

I have now sent 7 albums to friends from Maine to California who have experienced deep personal loss in the past few years, and I am greatly appreciative of the work you've done.

I knew the CD would be great but I didn't realize how great! I will be passing the info about it along to people I know as well as at SOS when I speak next month.
- M.L.G

I was spellbound - the most moving collection I have heard. My daughter died this year, and “The Water Lily” felt as if it was written for me. This was truly a labor of love that will help in the healing of many.
- P.J.A., LCSW, CGC for Knoxville SOS group

The lyrics on your website are very powerful and I am looking forward to using Before Their Time to help others heal, in a grief support program called “Grieving Friends.”
- E.H., Director of Chaplaincy Services
Lake Norman Regional Medical Center, Mooresville, NC

We look forward to sharing the music with bereaved families and others.
- J.H., Palliative Care Coordinator
Inverness Memorial Hospital, Nova Scotia

Each of us who has had a broken heart carries a life-long grief, and Before Their Time is an extraordinary gift for all of us on our healing hourneys. Itcaptures the essence of our heartaches and releases our tears. The broad range of musical style and content allows each mourner and survivor to be touched in our own unique ways.
I have played this album repeatedly, and will share it with both seminar students and friends. I highly recommend it to all helping professionals who work with grief, for their clients and themselves.
- D.T., Ph.D. Griefwork trainer, therapist

I have used many of the songs on Before Their Time in our bereavement support group. It is a powerful album. Many times the music unlocked feelings that needed to be brought out. Other times the music comforted us. Always, we could relate.
- A.T.

I loved all of it but I need to listen again and again and again and again. It has a sweet sadness as though at least these musicians knew my pain and were singing of it. It all flows from one to the next very beautifully, and there’s an optimism to it - lifts you up to heaven.
Marie Cornelius

My copy of Before Their Time arrived and everyone in the office has been listening to it. We will use it for memorial ceremonies, and also in our volunteer training to set the mood for special segments. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift.
- M.L.W., director of a Hospice program

My husband died suddenly at the age of 46 as the result of a heart attack. Music has been my comfort, my consolation, and it has provided a therapeutic pathway to expressing my innermost pain and grief. A friend sent me a copy of the CD Before Their Time - I would like to commend you on the beautiful selection of songs you chose for this tribute. I know your CD will help in the long healing process as we recover from the death of our loved ones.
- J.M.

I learned of this project from the “” Web site. It sounded like a wonderful project to honor the loss of our loved ones and an excellent way to support two very worthwhile agencies. I hope lots of parents find their way to this remarkable album and get the comfort and identification of feelings that I have from it.
- Dixie Bradley

Several years ago I went to see the AIDS quilt and it was an emotionally-charged experience, quite unexpectedly. Hearing Sweet Honey In The Rock on the Before Their Time album brought back those feelings more vividly than I would have thought possible. Then Gordon Bok's song, through whatever mystical quality it is that makes music such a personal experience, almost brought me to tears. This is after my wife broke down on “The Water Lily” when I told her the story behind the song. We listened to the complete album twice through and it is wonderful. Congratulations on such a meaningful achievement.
- R.M.

I still think of Breck mainly as the little boy I knew so well many years ago - the one with the young and gentle father who cared for him so thoughtfully and kindly. Thank you for making this musical memorial to Breck, and all our others. I like knowing that his death has led to this positive, creative, healing act of power in this world. May it bring you and the many who hear it comfort and may it turn us all, with a bit more humility and compassion, in the direction of joy.
- D.S.

Before Their Time is a great addition to available resources, and a lovely project. Its cross-section of music will appeal to every taste, and this collection is a wonderful companion to books about grief and healing.
- M.B. - Executive Director, Pikes Peak Hospice;
Board of Directors, National Hospice Organization

Thank you so much for getting the CD and cassettes of Before Their Time to me so quickly. As part of the closing for my last group of adolescent survivors, I had them listen to Tim O'Brien’s “Time to Learn” - a most beautiful song.
The room fell silent -- it was quite powerful.
Since then I have shared the CD with other facilitators and some of it was used during a slide presentation on our “Good Grief” Program.
All the feedback has been positive. Thank you again for putting this wonderful music out there.
- M.F.

Dad came down to visit, and brought me a copy of Before Their Time. What a beautiful collection of music!
I am, by nature, rather easy to weep and reading the booklet that came with the CD let the tears loose. What a special thing to share. Unfortunately, the subject hit rather close to home: the day Dad left, we found out that friends in town had lost their two-month-old baby to a respiratory problem. They were on their way home from a vacation he wasn't breathing and she couldn't get him to respond. They got him to a hospital, but it was too late - every parent's worst nightmare. It was/is terribly sad.
I gave them the CD, because it certainly felt that their baby had gone before his time. So thank you for creating such a beautiful way of telling others that their pain is real and that they are not alone.
- S.L.F.


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